Why Conventional Preparedness Wisdom Is Deadly

The reason why you should pay attention now is that is because these techniques don’t come from books, they’re taken from actual 21st century warzones, from lawless states where social chaos is the name of the game… … and where not having enough time or money to prepare doesn’t stop real-world preppers from creating virtually impenetrable defenses for their families.

Steve Walker has seen firsthand what it’s like to be thrown out of your own home like some rag doll… even when you thought you had all your corners covered. Steve was in another country when it all went wrong… and witnessed what looked like the rehearsal for what will come to America in the near future.

Here is a small sample of what you will discover inside:

  • Do you know why you should never put a tall fence around your house?
  • Do you know what kind of meat you should never eat in a crisis?
  • Do you know why you should never hide your stockpile in the basement… and that doing that almost guarantees that you’ll lose your food, your ammo or your gold and silver in times of social chaos?


These are just some of the innocent mistakes that can cost you the life of someone you love… if you rely on a few very common… yet criminally ineffective “home defense” techniques to protect your family in a mass social and economic collapse. But the techniques that actually work are so counter-intuitive… they will shock you as they shocked Steve Walker… even though he has been a US Army officer for almost 22 years.

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